Seven Hickory
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Seven Hickory Township
14377 Onyx Street
Charleston, IL 61920-7303
(217) 348-8063
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State Of Illinois
United States of America
Coles County
Coles County,  Illinois
Seven Hickory Township is located in Coles County in eastern
Illinois. Seven Hickory Township is one of seven townships
located in northern Coles County, Illinois covering 52 square

The original settlers established the township “Hickory” in 1850. Then
on May 7, 1860, the township was renamed “Seven Hickory”. The
township is well served by Route 130 and numerous well-maintained
township roads. According to the 2010 census, population was 286
with 125 homes and the majority of land used for agriculture
purposes. Seven Hickory has established itself as an agricultural
township where the "Grand Prairie" is used to cultivate crops such as
corn, soybeans, and wheat. At one time, Seven Hickory Township
was a part of raising 75 percent of all broomcorn produced in the
country. Broomcorn factories were established in Humboldt, Mattoon,
and Charleston to process the plant. By 1936, competition from the
West had resulted in a decrease in broomcorn activity. Remnants of
the crop, including the distinctive broomcorn cribs, are still found in
the township.

The Township is served by one volunteer fire department, the Seven
Hickory Morgan Fire Protection District. The fire department is
located between Seven Hickory and Morgan Townships. Seven
Hickory is part of the Charleston Regional School District. Schools in
the district are Mark Twain Elementary School (pre-school –
kindergarten), Carl Sandburg Elementary School (Grades 1 - 3),
Jefferson Elementary School (Grades 4 - 6), Charleston Middle
School (Grades 7 - 8) and Charleston High School (Grades 9 - 12).

Seven Hickory has a township form of government with the following
elected officials: Township Supervisor, Township Clerk, Road
Commissioner, and four trustees. Seven Hickory Township
government is small, accessible, responsive, and cost effective while
providing a range of services.
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