Seven Hickory
Coles County,  Illinois
General Assistance Program

All townships in Illinois are statutorily mandated by the legislature to levy taxes
and administer general assistance for destitute township residents.

General Assistance (GA) is a locally administered welfare program which
provides a onetime financial assistance to persons who do not have adequate
income or resources to provide for their own basic needs. To qualify, the
individual must meet certain financial and residential criteria, and not be
eligible for any other state or federal assistance programs.

Who is Eligible?

Any township resident 18 years or older who is either a U.S. resident or legal
alien admitted under color-of-law. The General Assistance Program is primarily
for those adults without minor children, without adequate income, and ineligible
for any other monetary forms of assistance.

How to Apply

Anyone interested in applying for the General Assistance Program should
contact the township Supervisor, Lance Hogan, to get more details at (217)
218-9061 Monday-Friday between the hours of 8:00AM - 4:00PM.
Further, the following documents will be needed:

1.Photo Identification
2.Social Security card
3.Proof of application and/or denial for any assistance from the Illinois
Department of Human Services (food stamps, TANF, SSI)
4.Proof of application and/or denial for Social Security Disability from Social
Security Administration
5.If claiming disability, a doctor's report on current condition and probable
length of disability
6.Proof of application and/or denial for Unemployment Insurance benefits from
the Illinois Department of Employment Security
7.Proof of registration for work opportunities with Illinois Department of
Employment Security
8.Proof of parenthood for children claimed by an applicant. (Example: Birth
9.List of addresses where applicant has resided for the last five years
10.Complete name, address & telephone number of current landlord or house
mortgage holder
11.Proof of high school diploma, GED certificate, and any college degrees
12.List of financial institution accounts including checking account, savings
account, certificate of deposit account, etc. The list should have institution
name, address, & account number (Example: Most recent bank statement)
13.Proof of current residence (Example: rent receipt, utility bill)
14.Title to any vehicles owned or the name and address of the lien-holder
15.List of employers with addresses for the last 5 years
16.Paycheck stubs for the last 90 days
17.Rental Agreement, if applicable
18.Shut-off Notice, if applicable
19.Eviction Notice, if applicable